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Example voice actors for the dub

Breedo has kindly submitted five voice actors for the up and coming BB2000 dub. These voice acts require further adjustments and refining. So hence these are just examples. We would appreciate if you do not bash the voice actors but rather contact Breedo or the voice actors in person. Thank you, the examples are linked to Youtube below (the character names are the links):

Hiruta/Carlos - Espio
Akira/Andrew - Dusk-Requiem
Neighboor - James Sherman
Nobuo/Billy - Breedo
Takao/Tyson - Hideki/vegeta3986

If you are going to criticize any of the voice actors than please do so in a proper manner by telling them what you don't like and how they can improve on it, don't be rude about it!


Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Fan Dub, Uncut, Unedited.

Hey there people, I’m Breedo, director of project R.B.D (Real Beyblade Dub). Let me fill you in on what’s going on here. Whe companies dub Anime they edit they also edit the entire program as well. This project is focusing on one of the show’s that’s been suffering from this editing. This project aims to give this show the chance every single show should have had, the chance to be shown in its original form with its original plot, original music, original characters. I am perfectly aware that 90% of you are gonna say “that’s impossible”; let me tell you it’s very possible. At this very moment Cailany from KBS have volunteered with all the original music, Crisis has translated all of the first episode and is ready to go with episode 2, I have fixed most of the sound effects and I give you my word, I shall fix all of them. There is still one thing standing in our way right now and we need your help to do this.

Let me state what question’s you might have about this, answers are provided.


What can I do to help?

This is very simple, we are looking for voice actors, and I just want you, no matter who you are or how you sound; volunteer for this project! If you don’t like your voice then please volunteer anyway, most people don’t like their voices even though they actually sound pretty normal, it’s natural. If you don’t have a microphone then you can still tell your friends abou thisproject and ask them to volunteer.


How do I volunteer?

Well I supposed you read the question above? If you have then good, listen carefully. I want you to record this line and say it in anyway you like depending on how/what kind of character you’d want to represent in this dub; here’s the line “It's a battle game about strategy and spirit. They fight in a bey-stadium at super high speed and the last blade standing wins! That's Beyblade!" Once you have recorded this line just send it to me on this email address: lordvanxaro[at]hotmail[dot]com

Everyone who volunteers will be checked by me personally. I shall try my best to see that everyone who tries their best appears at least once in the dub. It’s not about what voice you have but how you use it, if you feel you didn’t do good enough first time just contact me again. I will save everyone’s sample’s. Don’t be dissapointed if I don’t contact you as Bakuten Shoot Beyblade has 51 episodes, who knows, you might very well be contacted for the finals. Keep your hopes up!


What do I earn from this?

You will definitely not get paid, but I shall try to do my best for those who stay with us untill the end of this project shall get some kind of reward for their hard work and effort. This project is non-profit. You will be credited for any work that I choose to use.


Why should I care about a kids show?

I’m going to assume that there are people who were stupid to read this, even thought he/she obviously hates this show. I wonder why I bother doing all this, very few people believe in what I’m doing and that’s why I believe twice as much in it myself. Beyblade is a kids show, that fact can’t be denied. I don’t deny for a second that it’s weird, but there are other weird Anime’s that have made it to the top, for example the awesome kids show Naruto. They have TV but yet they don’t have cars which were invented way before the the TV was. They call themselves ninjas but real ninjas can’t clone themselves or walk on water. The show is weird and that you can’t deny yet it made it because it has a heart. People love it, I love it, but if it had its heart ripped out it’d be nothing! One piece got its heart ripped out and look at what happened. All anime is weird if you just think about it. That’s the cool thing about anime fans, we don’t care because we just we ignore the weirdness and see the spirit, action and thrill of the show. Bakuten Shoot Beyblade is a Shounen Anime just as Naruto is, that’s only one of a million reasons why I think you should care. I can go on like this all night but I have to work instead, so if you wanna be ignorant that’s your problem, just keep in mind that being childish is not just about what you watch it’s about how you behave.


How the hell do you plan to do this without a professional program?!

Screw professional programs, I have windows movie maker! Believe me, I’ll manage.