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Episode 41 : Who's Your Daddy!

The Blade Breakers take a trip to the World Championship Tournaments, to watch Zeo defeat his first two opponents in the preliminaries. After the fights, Tyson talks with Zeo, telling him that they should be training partners. Zeo totally agrees with him. Back at the lab with Dr. K, she is on the brink taking the most powerful Bit Beast ever from the Ancient Rock, when Dr. Zagart steps in, telling her stop immediately for some reason. Later, Zeo gets home and waits for his dad. When his dad gets home, it just so happens he is the one and only Dr. Zagart! Dr. K also happens to show up, arguing with Dr. Zagart about their plans for stealing the Bit Beasts. Zeo happens to hear all of this, realizing his dad has been behind the plot to steal his friends’ Ancient Bitbeasts the entire time!


Episode 42: Fortunes Dear and Dire

Dr. Zagart has taken upon himself to train Zeo now, giving him the most powerful Bit Beast from the rock yet, Cerberus. Meanwhile, the Blade Breakers decide that for the World Championship, Tyson will team up with Max, and Ray will team up with Kai. Later on, Kai meets a strange pair that go by Queen and King. Intrigued by Kai’s Dranzer, they ask Kai to battle them. They say if they win, the get to keep Dranzer’s attack ring. Kai accepts, but in the battle, King and Queen cheat and double team him, destroying Dranzer’s attack ring. They then walk off, upset that they could not take the attack ring. Kai meets up with the Blade Breakers angry, and explains what happened. They find out that King and Queen are well known pirates who take other people’s parts by any means necessary, usually through a forced battle with cheating. Back at the lab, Zeo is finally able to summon and us Cerberus. He then becomes occupied in thinking about his new and hidden destiny, and to steal the Blade Breaker’s Bit Beasts!


Episode 43: Kai's Royal Flush

Kai cannot stop thinking about King and Queen and what they did and who they are. Even with a new designed blade, his mind begins to ponder about the two, and his defeat to them. Meanwhile, King and Queen are offered to work for Dr. Zagart by Dr. K. They decide to not work for her though, and later again fight Kai. When it seems Kai is going to win, the two run off and vanish!


Episode 44: The Calm Before the Storm

In a surprising turn of events, Dr. Zagart pays a visit to Mr. Dickenson, forcing him to allow Zeo to participate in the World Championship Finals. He tells Mr. Dickenson the truth about Zeo being his son. The Blade Breakers then decide to watch Zeo fight a match, in order to discover why he is behaving so strange, but incidentally show up to late. In the mean time, King and Queen have decided to work for Dr. K, and she trains them to become more powerful to defeat the Blade Breakers. On the opening night interviewing, the match-ups for the finals are presented. Things get out of control though, when Dunga decides to fight King and Queen right there! The other bladers are able to calm them down, even though many things had already been damaged. Thinking to himself, Zeo tells himself he must win no matter what!


Episode 45: Zeo Vs Ozuma

Finally the World Championship has started, with eight teams total participating. The Bladebreakers become surprised when they hear that Zeo is in the finals, and Tyson goes to talk to him. Zeo tells him that he is Zagart’s son, and Zagart stole the rock in order to steal Tyson’s and the others’ Bit Beasts. Zeo is the one that Dr. Zagart is using to attain them as well. The first match up is between Dunga and Gordo, Zeo’s team mate. Gordo wipes the floor with Dunga surprisingly. The next battle is between Zeo and Ozuma, and turns out to be extremely intense, but with his strange yet powerful beyblade, Zeo defeats Ozuma. This then qualifies Zeo and his team to advance and face their next opponents: the Blade Breakers!


Episode 46: Black and White Evil Powers

The next battle turns out to be Kane and Jim versus Tyson and Max. Before the match though, Kane and Jim are practicing themselves, trying out their new moves. King and Queen come out of no where though and randomly launch their blades against the two, starting their own little battle. King and Queen eventually destroy both Jim’s and Kane’s beyblades, holding them back from participating from in their match against Tyson and Max. So instead King and Queen have their match against Mariam and Joseph. The first battle is supposed to begin with Mariam versus Queen, but in the beginning King illegally decides to just join in, provoking Joseph to also join in and help his sister. Eventually the evil duo defeat Mariam and Joseph, moving into their next match against Max and Tyson.


Episode 47: Deceit from Above

It’s time for Tyson and Max to fight probably the biggest cheaters in Beyblade history: King and Queen. The first match starts out with Max versus Queen. The match becomes intense with Queen using an attack ring called the shredder, staying on the attack while trying to grind Max’s blade into nothing. With the help of his new Draciel V2 his mom designed for him though, and the support of his friends and team, Max eventually is able to pull off the win and completely destroy Queen’s blade. Next up comes King and Tyson. Furious about their mistake of partnering up with the Psykicks, King decides to defeat Tyson with his own strength. Another intense fight, Tyson struggles throughout the match for an unknown reason, until the blade breakers spot Dr. K using a particle ray to make Dragoon weaker. Having enough of the corruption, King and Tyson decide to destroy the gun together with their bit beasts, and the do so successfully. When she is out of the way, the two bladers decide to have a fair match. Tyson ends up winning, and King and Queen have a change in mind, as Tyson has a new respect for the two bladers.


Episode 48: Phoenix Falling

As the championship match gets closer, it’s time for Kai and Ray to fight Zeo and Gordo next. First off Ray takes Gordo to the ring. In this intense fight, Ray struggles with Gordo’s blade, as Gordo’s blade was programmed before hand too read all of the beyblader’s movements. Almost losing the match, Kai reminds Ray of the sorrow the felt when he was with out Driger. With pure will and determination, Ray is able to come out of his weak state and end the match in a tie. This means it’s between Kai and Zeo to settle the score. The battle is an amazing one that eventually Kai loses to Zeo. The surprising part is that Zeo doesn't seem winded at all by that battle! Even when parts of the stadium were torn apart!


Episode 49: The Enemy Within

Because of the last battle, Zeo also captured Kai’s bit beast Dranzer. Nervous as ever, the Bladebreakers are still stuck in confusion and fear at the same time. Tyson goes to talk to Zeo, and learns that Zeo thinks that friends are useless in beyblading, and that team work doesn't matter. At the same time, Kai has decided to quit beyblading.  Mostly because of his pain and guilt of letting his team down and losing, Kai wants to have nothing to do with beyblades. Later on, Tyson has a dream about winning the championship, because of his friends support. He realizes the true value in the friendships he possess, and becomes determined to win for the team, no matter what!


Episode 50: Clash of the Tyson

The Championship begins. Tyson starts out fighting Gordo. Although Gordo possessed much power, Tyson had the true beyblading spirit and will to win. Tyson ends up defeating Gordo in this match. In the next match, Max hopes to secure the title and win for the team in his face off against Zeo. Before the match begins, Mr. Dickenson tries to reason with Dr. Zagart to withdraw Zeo before it is too late. Exactly what would be to late? It is left a mystery, and Zagart refuses to listen to Dickenson. The battle begins, and what a site it is to see. Max fights like he never has before, almost defeating Zeo; or so he thought. In the last second, Zeo unleashes his Super Bit Beast, Cerberus, easily defeating Max with it. It is simply because of the combined power of Cerberus and Kai’s captured Dranzer are too much for Draciel. Now it’s time for the very final match, with Tyson versus Zeo. When the match gets underway, Zeo begins acting strange, and eventually begins to be surrounded by electricity and having his body break apart. What exactly is he?!?


Episode 51: Destiny of the Final Battle

As the final match continues, Zeo’s secret is revealed! He is a robot made by Zagart himself! Apparently, Zagart’s son died many years ago, and because of his depression, he created Zeo to replace what was lost. Zagart revealed his secret to Zeo only recently, when Zeo stopped hanging around the Bladebreakes and acting strange. Zagart also convinced Zeo that if he were to capture all the four sacred Bit Beasts, he could turn Zeo into a real boy! Because he is a robot, he begins to break apart, as the power of the Bit Beasts are too much for his metal and electrical body to take. With his intense will (assuming he has one), Zeo ferociously unleashes all the power he has. Tyson then realizes he must too also summon all the strength he has to win this battle. In a huge clash and edge of the seat explosion, Tyson comes out as the victor! After the battle, Zeo is depressed and realizes he will never be a real boy. Being a friend, Tyson tells him that it’s about who you are, and what you do. Not what you are, or what you've been. With all this said, Tyson remains the defender and champion of the World Beyblading Championship. Dr. Zagart and the entire Psykicks are put out of business, and our heroes await their next adventures…in G-Revolution!