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Japanese Name: Daidouji

English Name: Doji

Japanese Voice: Takehito Koyasu

English Voice: Not available

Metal Fight Beyblade age (Japanese): 21

Metal Fight Beyblade age (English): Not available

Beyblade(s): Wolf D125B, Dark Wolf DF145FS

Bio: Daidouji is another evil character that is after Ginga. He makes his first appearance briefly in Episode 02 - Leone's Fangs after Kyouya has been defeated and returns back to his hideout. Daidouji can be seen smirking at the entrance to Kyouya's hideout. He makes his proper appearance in Episode 03 - Wolf's Ambition! He invites Kyouya and Benkei to a secret location in the middle of nowhere. Benkei gets beaten by Daidouji at this location. He also beats Kyouya as well. After the battle Kyouya, Daidouji offers Kyouya to go train at his complex which has a gymnasium of some sort specially equipped to train Beybladers. Benkei refuses this offer, however, in Episode 04 - Rush! Bull's Power! Benkei is given his Dark Bull H145SD by Daidouji. Daidouji helps the enemies of Ginga by making them stronger and more powerful. Daidouji is also the owner/leader of an evil organization. Daidouji has bought Ryuuga up to be a strong blader since he was young. He accompanied Ryuuga to Ginga and Ryuusei's village to aquire the Light L Drago Beyblade.