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Japanese Name: Dan Soumichi & Reiki Soumichi

English Name: Not available

Japanese Voice: Rina Satou

English Voice: Not available

Metal Fight Beyblade age (Japanese): 13 & 13

Metal Fight Beyblade age (English): Not available

Beyblade(s): Killer Gemios DF145FS

Bio: Both of these character were introduced quite early into the anime. They were the two obstacles that prevent Kyouya and Ginga from accessing the Dark Nebula HQ. At this stage they didn't have names and appeared to be meaningless extras that used two seperate light wheel blades. However, during the course of the anime they played a bigger role. When the Battle Bladers Tournament arrived, they battled against Kenta. Dan, dressed in red, issued the orders and Reiki' dressed in blue, took control of the Beyblade and took the orders from Dan. Dan is stubborn and performs the role of the leader, whilst Dan follows and accepts the orders.

There is one major flaw regarding this pair up, when Reiki disagrees with one of Dan's orders they start an arguement, because of this they both become distracted. Once distracted Kenta takes full control of the situation and eventually uses it to defeat both bladers.

The Gemios blade illustrates two elements being fused together in a vortex. these two elements are fire and ice. Reiki controls fire and Dan controls Ice. When both elements are used together, they form a powerful special attack and boasts powerful attack force.