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Japanese Name: Gaou

English Name: Gary

Japanese Voice: Kazuyuki Ishikawa

English Voice: Craig Lauzon

Beyblade 2000 age (Japanese): 16

Beyblade 2000 age (english): 16

Beyblade V-Force age (Japanese): Not present in V-Force

Beyblade V-Force age (english): Not present in V-Force

Beyblade G-Rev age (Japanese): 18

Beyblade G-Rev age (english): 18

Bit Beast: Galzzy

Bio: Gary has a very special bond with his bit beast Galzzy, this is not present with many of the other characters. The special bond that Gary shares with his bit beast is that Galzzly can imitate the emotions of Gary and use it to drive Galzzy's power. If you can remember back to the original Asian tournament, Gary completely obliterates Max, and destroys the stadium in the process. Through this display of power and strength, it is easily verified that Gary is by far one of the most powerful bladers in the anime. Gary is known as the gentle giant throughout the community. He doesn't appear very aggressive at first but once in the BeyArena, his alter-ego appears and his personality is completely transformed. Food is always on Gary's mind and every once in a while, he is side tracked by this. In many respects, Gary is seen as showing a brotherly relationship with fellow team mate Kevin.