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Japanese Name: Ryuuga

English Name: Ryuga

Japanese Voice: Tsuda Kenjiro

English Voice: Not available

Metal Fight Beyblade age (Japanese): 13

Metal Fight Beyblade age (English): Not available

Beyblade(s): L Drago 105F, Lightning L Drago 100HF

Bio: Ryuuga is best thing that describes evil. He killed Ginga's father during a battle with him. He is part of the evil organisation called Dark Nebula. He is considered the most powerful member in Dark Nebula because of his heartless actions and love for terrorizing people. He is first introduced in the flesh in episode 12 of the Metal Fight Beyblade Anime. Ginga's hate for Ryuuga is incomparable to anything else.

Ryuuga acquired his Lightning L Drago 100HF from the volcano located at in Ginga's village. It was sealed away because of its tremendous power and destructive abilities, this is why Daidouji and Ryuuga wanted to get a hold of this particular Beyblade. Ryuuga is currently under going training in order to prepare himself for the Beyblade Tournament that will occur shortly.